Ludovico Einaudi – In A Time Lapse

Returning back to today's generation and what I can only summarise as a"lack of appreciation" for the true art of ambient music, I found this masterpiece soundtrack from the French film ‘The Intouchables" as simply, breathtaking. In short, it isn't unlike many films we've seen, speaking to a unique bond of friendship brought about by tragedy, between two people.

This story however, is underpinned with a truly moving musical score that is well worth the time to listen too. It spoke to me on an emotional level unveiling"real and raw" feelings through clever and well-designed compositions

Eleven out of ten.

Yearning to expand my knowledge on a lyrical level, I found myself in a "pool" of all that is classical. I was very quickly engulfed in a loophole of a fantasy. I became aware almost immediately of a whole new world of music and appreciation of orchestral collaboration, which I had never opened myself up to before now.

Close your eyes, just for a moment, and offer up to yourself the journey to delve deeper into your emotions. This studio album by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi has nineteen tracks reaching into all of our five senses, wrapped up in an hour and twenty-one minutes.

Each track leaves you with the traces of an impression, a single frame duplicated, slowed down and sped up, bringing together a beautiful ‘time lapse’ of your own imagination and what resonates within each of us at our very own real and personal core.

For me, I was held captive in a kaleidoscope of unfamiliar sentiments. This collection of music could easily release you of negative reflections by reeling you through the low desolate parts of each melody and supporting you within the peak of enlightenment.

The simplicity of particular tracks such as ‘Bever’, use the combinations of an acoustic violin and the percussions of a slow piano, to project a soothing and natural sound, you feel at peace with yourself and everything around you. The music genre overall toyed with my imagination and challenged me to think creatively and positively.

I will be eager to learn how other listeners are affected and their conclusions after indulging in this"intangible" art piece.

Elle Sutherland