Kings of Leon – Charmer

This is my favourite song from any Kings of Leon record; they go above and beyond their usual technical sounds of vocals and guitar solos. The introduction has a very eerie sound to it as if your walking on a deserted street at night in the rain, stalked by a stranger in the shadows.

The bass has a sexy riff that builds you up to the bridge of an electric guitar melody, introducing you to that first striking scream. There is such fear and emotion within that scream, I believe its one of the elements that truly makes this song what it is. The chorus “she’s always looking at me” follows that feeling I get from the introduction, my mind is running to escape this stalker; screaming for help.

The music pauses from the ongoing build up, you feel out of breath as you’ve found a safe place, then that Stimulating bass riff returns and I’m entirely immersed and left with a creepy feeling that the chase is not over. The closing is peak, with an incredible guitar solo you want to turn it up as loud as possible and lose yourself with an impression on air guitar.

Elle Sutherland