Jon Hopkins – Immunity


I was first introduced to the extraordinary London-based producer and musician Jon Hopkins, at the well-known Meredith Music Festival in 2013.

At first Jon Hopkins was somewhat of an enigma to me, I came to learn of his passion for electronica and dance music after watching his performance in the cold winds at 1am.  I later realised this was a new angle for him, a huge progression from his work with iconic band, Cold Play.

I was pleasantly surprised and while I’m not easily impressed, I was unquestionably immersed and taken to another level of “love of sound”.

He offered a unique mix of rhythm and beat, which in my opinion, was foreign to what one would expect for this genre of music. I was left feeling euphoric, as if he was taking me on a journey through time.

I was left with no choice, by the end of my experience, but to purchase his record when I returned to reality.

The journey begins with Hopkins guiding you through the echoes of acapella with the sounds of everyday home devices to construct a loop of indie beats. You feel as though you could drift off to sleep being overly relaxed, but then brought back up on to a high to lose yourself within each climax.

Track three ‘Breathe this air’ is a perfect example of just that. The imitations from the harder percussions makes you feel as though you’re floating above yourself, as if your spirit was to leave your body and return to catch your breath. There is a melding of emotion & spiritualism, which perhaps is the best impression I could convey of this entire album.

By mid tracks ‘Abandon Window’ you have time to sit and appreciate the music you have just heard and enjoy a soothing classical composition. 

Jon Hopkins manages to engage with his listener and create a connection that moves from the intangible to a very real sense of ownership with him and his work. This particular song brought about attachment from the pit of my stomach, faced with possible sadness when suspecting the melody will fade out, to only then be relieved when it returned and continued to the next chapter of this journey.

What a rush.

Concluding this masterpiece with the album title ‘Immunity’ was a perfect ending. It is a song that leaves with you, the distinct impression you’re saying a sad good bye.

It was only after listening thoroughly you could hear distant lyrics for the first time, in the entire album. Here, the connection becomes real, almost as if each track was speaking to you, looking inside your own raw emotions, running wild and it took till now to speak up.

Closure is inevitable, as your journey struggles to accept that, it will have an “end” sadly fading away in the last 45 seconds. 

I never expected music without lyrics to have such an effect on me; especially electric, dance genres, this to me, is the epitome of purity and happiness within a collaboration of sounds.

I strongly recommend purchasing this album and listening from cover to cover, it will influence any listener, on any and at all levels. This is without any doubt in my mind, a true art collectable that will affect each of us individually.

Elle Sutherland