Ray Lamotagne - The voice from within

Ray Lamotagne gives the effect of the suns rays, gracefully setting over your face, bringing light into a dream, drawing you into a momentary realism of a new world, a new sensation, an instant serenity.

Persuasive acoustic sounds surround your inner intellect, as you’re taken over by a strong build up of miscellaneous inner moods. Lost in each breath that’s seeps through the cracks of each lyric conveyed, Ray has a way with words, not just by there clearly defined meaning, but the effortless tone that is the framework of each song.

Ray has a sound like no other, never disoriented under the umbrella of his fellow influences, with pressure to fabricate his original work. Other artists tend to fall under this pressure to enhance and dismantle their work, becoming later unrecognisable from their initial real identity. With five studio albums, one released as late as May 2014, Ray remains true to his unique sound with his work continuing to produce and manufacture authentic and moving art pieces incessantly. No composition uniform, we continue to stay enlightened with in each melody from any album, drawn to the next, instinctively taken into a new imagination.

‘Be Here Now’ one of his preeminent illusory songs from his first album ‘Gossip in the Grain’, transfers an impalpable essence within, that transports you through an alter universe of your own concentration, where your naturally following the trail of the guitar chords, harmonised with its orchestral alignment that flows in and out, faster than slower, keeping you in grasp of reality. Through his smooth delivery, these stimulating lyrics guide you fluently to live in today by not allowing things burden you, that are out of your control; have faith and push through life’s dissonance.

Never dull, ‘Henry Nearly Killed me (It’s a Shame)’ pulls delta blues, dirty roots and rock n roll together in to a captivating song that could be somewhat surprising to his earlier songs. We are introduced to his alter ego tone that is alluring and raspy which instantly screams for more. On constant repeat, an image of an old broken down bar or a goose chase down a dusty abanded highway comes to me, this song creates a character within your self that forms an escape from existence.

Each song tells a story, some of love with ‘You are the Best Thing’ and others of despair through ‘This Love is Over’. However you remain connected throughout each album, revisiting your very own memories and reliving feelings you may of forgotten existed, complementary to his expression. He is able to introduce his very own southern, country and blues sound and take it to new a level, opening the door to listeners who would not normally sit down and immense themselves to this engaging genre. Many have experienced the works of this brilliant artist, but others who haven’t, id advocate to sit down with a nice glass of a red, set the mood and make your own opinion, you may easily overindulge in what’s yet to be a forever love of Ray LaMontagne. 

Elle Sutherland