KID RADIO are a four-piece soulful electronic act based in Melbourne. They express more than just feeling and sound through a collection of heavy beats, catchy chorus cries and brilliant story telling lyrics.

Their distinctive sound is inspired, but not limited to one single genre. They magnify on today's shared themes of love, loss, death, drugs, alcohol and resolutions, and convert them into their very own music movement. Their direction of music is inspiring in itself and has created a natural connection with their listeners through their real and honest expressions.

With the release of their self-titled debut album in July 2015, produced by Count Bounce (TZU, Pez, Ash Grumwald, Sietta, Joelistics), they have achieved a successful reaction with the addition of a nation wide tour.

KID RADIO brings their music to life through their incredible live production of sprawling landscaped synths, keys and incredible addictive beats. With KID RADIO you can always expect visual shows as stunning as their musical talent, video content that tells a story through film, and a digital presence that connects people through a common
but individual journey through time and sound.