Leopard Slugg live at The Espy

March 1st 2014

Leopard Sluggs’ album has no comparison to seeing them live for the first time, their sound of dirty rock n roll had a completely different appeal and influence on me than expected. The gig was situated in the perfect location for an intimate and memorable experience; The Espy Basement. I love the uniqueness of this being a two-man band. Despite there being only two members, they were still able to deliver that same experience a four piece band would. Whilst trying to pump up the nervous Lead singer Tom, his only statement before taking the stage was “I’m drunk”. I observed his alter ego come amongst us and as he sang that first line, I was hooked; I was a fan girl.

What an incredible voice with such excitement and croon, the way Tom would arbitrarily squeal, catches you off guard to begin with, but exhilarates you at the same time. Moving around the stage and alternating between two microphones on opposite sides, he was able to give the crowd the chance to get close and personal the entire show. The guitar solos were peaks of each song, they gave chills down my spine. I was hypnotized focussing my eyes on those finger tips rushing up and down the guitar neck, I had no resistance but to get amongst it and smash my head around like I was at a Rock n Roll concert; very unlike me.



Elle Sutherland