Jaju Choir live at The Evelyn

Monday, March 3rd 2014

If you want a chilled night out with no resistance but to move your hips, then Jaju Choir is just that. Made up of four band members including the distinctive sounds of bongos, you have yourself a collaboration of jazz and blues, with the perfect influence of reggae to distinguish this band from any other. The crowd was the perfect size, just big enough that you could still interact with the band. Each song had different melodies, sounds and riffs; this made the entire experience never dull and always left you craving more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled to Jamaica, and after watching the show I felt Jaju Choir showed their fans that genre, but with their own flare. It made me feel composed with a never fading smile. The memories of those travels kicked in and I felt like I was on a holiday, with no stress on my mind.

My two highlights of the entire show, were the bass player sitting on someone’s shoulders whilst continuing to play, it drew me closer to the stage to get involved – what a way to engage with the audience. The encore involved getting the audience to come on stage and sing along to their last act. I have no idea how the band was able to maintain their concentration with arms and legs all over the place, hats off to you all; the perfect last impression.


Elle Sutherland