Arctic Monkeys Live at Rod Laver Arena

Friday, 9th of May

Tickets were cleared and a beer now in both hands, the wait was over and tonight was the night I’d been waiting for, for months. Anticipation had kicked in as I walked through gate eight, an immediate clearance for a natural high had arrived; my mind was about to be blown.

Lights faded as the echo of the support act bounced around Rod Lavers walls. Distracted by how close we were to the stage, there finally was the possibility to see The Arctic Monkeys in the flesh; I couldn’t believe I was here! An electric rush flowed through my veins as I counted down the minutes until an experience was to be lock away for an everlasting memory.

Smoked filled the stage as a spot light led The Arctic Monkeys out one by one on stage, with Alex Turner concluding the trail. As they got into position, my mind was running wild trying to predict which song they were going to play first or what album it was from, but, too excited to think straight the only feeling running through me, was the eagerness for them to “just start already!” The sounds of a kick drum projected into the crowd, as screams grew louder joined by an applause assembled in sync with the beat of, “Do I wanna know?” Normally, a popular band like The Arctic Monkeys, wouldn’t begin their concert with one of their number one hits of today, but no surprise for them, they always do things their own way, and do it well. The electric guitar riff began, shooting a lighting bolt straight up, outlining the letters of ‘AM’ behind them. Mesmerized while hypnotised by Alex’s seductive unique voice, I officially had the colour in my cheeks he had questioned for.

Arctic Monkeys have come so far since their first tour ‘Whatever People Say I Am’ in 2005-2006. No more jeans, sweaters and bad hair days. They’ve grown through their adolescence, with sex appeal taking over everyone individually, especially Alex, with his slicked backed hair whilst dressed to the nines; it was hard to concentrate on the music.

As much as I love all that is Arctic Monkeys, I couldn’t help but notice their new album ‘AM’ being heavily promoted through this tour, this mirrored the younger female fan base that crowd around me. Craving for hits from their earlier albums, such as ‘Mardy Bum’ and ‘Old Yellow Bricks’ I was disillusioned to have these hits over shadowed by their better-known hits from today.  ‘Brainstorm’ and ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor,’ my two favourite tracks, caught my breath with the relief that they hadn’t completely lost who they once were.

I could only assume these weren’t old fans attending. Many looked under eighteen collectively with their struggle to put together the words of the hits that made The Arctic Monkeys who they are today. At times you would feel they were playing for those fans predominantly, but as there older collectables embraced our surroundings, those once twenty year olds had returned as they swung their guitars around followed by their bodies, showing us the real, true artists we originally fell in love with.

When you know you’ve inhaled this experience for over an hour, you cant help but try hold on to as much as you can now, before you sadly say goodbye.

Alex spoke to the crowd thanking everyone for coming to see the show, with his last words still imprinted in my mind today, he left us with the perfect last impression linked with a complete song “its Friday night and The Arctic Monkeys are yours, but, ‘R U Mine?’”

All in all, what a show!

Elle Sutherland