The Kite String Tangle Live at The Corner Hotel

6th September 2014

This is the sound of something big, something to look forward to.

Danny Harley also known as The Kite String Tangle, an electronic producer from Brisbane Queensland, invites a vast variety of fans, to experience a new and exciting artist. 

Keep your eyes& ears open; watch this space. 

Without a doubt, The Corner Hotel, wont be a secret for much longer, once this artist gathers interest and invites us to what future Melbourne tours has to offer.

The single silhouette offers an entrée into a feast of sight, sound & energy. The collaboration of creativity mechanisms of a group effort was only surpassed by one wholesome genius. 

‘Vessels’ Danny’s debut EP has lifted the bar, a pedestal for his fellow peers to consider this artist as truly talented. The quality as a new EP bleeds style and individuality as displayed with the work of each mix.

Danny has shaped the importance and value of imposing a deliberate shock factor to the audience, acknowledging a new artist has a brief window of opportunity to leave an impact. I wasn't disappointed. 

Walking into a full house, capturing a better view was not an option, it was inevitable to get dirty and push your way into the experience.

Taking center stage, Danny took position between the TKST characters either side of him, creating the background for the show. Modest lighting began to detonate in front of him; this exposed us to his first track that effortlessly empowered our eardrums.  My first impression of sound was the power board that switched the crowd on, to appreciate his pride and passion.

I was already on a rush.

His unique tone of music had an immediate effect on me.

A glass of red wine settled on top of his equipment projecting an almost"partnership" picture, which said a lot to me about the space this artist lives in.

From a soothing clean synthesis sound, penetrating the stage and complete environment transformed all exposed to a trance composition. 

He made the transition look so effortless as he remained to keep his audience suspended moment to moment of the journey, hungry and eager to open themselves up to the impending tempo change.

Our introduction to his voice, his tone, I couldn't believe his control with such poise as he kept in rhythm and alliance of everything technical, while moving around his art platform.

This is, what is, all of Danny Harley. 

He continued throughout his set to engage with the crowd, clearly at ease with an ability to include us on his adventure.

The modesty of his work and obvious talent only endeared the crowd more to him. As he felt compelled to share with us, he “doesn't deserve all of this”.

The girls were well and truly on board, and the guys, not far behind.  

As a spectator, he should embrace the moment more and relish it for what is. Talent and hard work should never be treated as a passenger.

Fragments of ‘Given the Chance’ began to flow; this was the hit song we had all been waiting for. With hands lifting one by one above the each other’s heads there was a distinct unity within the crowd. 

Smiles from ear to ear, this song brought a natural happiness and uncontrolled urge to dance, this is what music is all about.

Danny expressed his appreciation to everyone coming tonight, with his last words being “Are you ready?” just before the build up of the last bridge, explosions of confetti burst into the crowd. While sometimes predictable with your average concert but nothing quite like this, nothing in such a confined space. 

I've never seen so many people, including myself, so excited about confetti. 

His last track began to conclude while parts of the crowd continued to throw more confetti into the faded light and grasp as much of that energy they could before closing. Screams and applause disappeared as the man himself Danny Henry exited from the stage.

Never before have I been left with a "longing" experience at a gig before.

I felt like I was at a party and everyone there were all invited. Everyone was truly enjoying themselves, relishing the music that was around us.

I had a blast; I’d insist others to check this man out.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Elle Sutherland