Sasha Live at The Prince Band Room

3rd November 2014 - Melbourne Cup Eve

Fervent fans bewildered, wondered around the spacious band room of Prince. Prepping ready for the party to start, groups huddled with drinks filled to capacity in each hand.

Bursts of excitement and animation kindled the auras of my surroundings, sparking up each individual. As the room filled, many arriving one by one who had clearly been there for hours in order to position themselves in a good dance space, including being one of the first to welcome the entrance of the main event for the evening, the "perfect view " of this notorious Welsh DJ, Shasha.  

This night was a showcase of its own, where a unique entity from DJ to DJ pushed boundaries, adding to the pending opening of Sashas performance. Like a scene from days gone by in Blue Light Discos, the audience who initially draped across all sides of the room, were soon engulfed in the rip from the larger crowd that poured through the doors and straight to the dance floor. Moving with the crowd was the only course of action, as being left in the wake wasn't an option.  

The time was amongst us and to kick things off, a prodigious introduction by the miraculous Subb-An had braced our membranes. Doors were opening at great speed as pleasurable, vibrant beats connected with the audience. This created a whirlpool of bodies to move in synch with one another while pulling the solo stragglers to move uncontrollably.  
Shasha, cool, calm and collected had little to comment before taking the stage, however words were not needed, for as soon as he made his clean, slick transition into his set, he became the incantation to raise the weary after the long weekend.

I had now witnessed the evolution of DJ performance from the qualifications of a bachelor to a doctrine; this was an artist that all those postgraduate electronic enthusiasts looked up to. Sasha was able to merge and mold these unfamiliar beats that would drop from bass to bass naturally, putting people into a trance like state without the efforts of using trance elements. He had created an environment that made you feel like you were apart of the circus and we were the acts, it didn't matter if you were standing directly behind on stage to watch the show or dance center stage on the floor, he was able to give you a 360 degree effect that impacted all that took the time to lose themselves in the moment. He left nothing to chance and delivered exactly what we all knew would be simply amazing.

To watch a master such as himself, is something that stays with you long after the euphoria has dissipated. Not only was this an event to enjoy and play with, this was a learning experience to adapt, engage and understand each of the five senses.

I was one of the lucky ones who attended this night, who became enthralled of this artist as he created and breathed a masterpiece right in front of our eyes.  It was an intoxicating experience.

Elle Sutherland